Upgrading Your QuickBooks File

Hosted QuickBooks Tip of the Week - Best Practices for Upgrading Your QuickBooks File

Intuit releases a new version of QuickBooks each year with new features and enhancements. To take advantage of those new features and in following the Intuit support plan, QuickBooks users will need to upgrade to the latest version every three years.

When you're ready to upgrade, here are some tips on making the transition smoothly.

  • First, open your file in your current version of QuickBooks as the Admin user in single-user mode
  • Select the File Menu >Utilities>Verify
  • If QuickBooks has not detected any problems with your file, then close your current version of QuickBooks. If it detected problems, run the rebuild utility and then repeat the verify process before moving to the next step.
  • Open the newer version of QuickBooks that you are upgrading to.
  • Close out of any initial splash screens to setup a new company file. Select File>Open or Restore a company file
  • Click next to Open a Company File
  • Navigate to find your company file (if in our hosted environment, navigate to your Z drive) and select Open. Be sure to open the file in single-user mode when upgrading.
  • The program will then warn you that you will be upgrading your file, click the box to accept and click Update Now.
  • You must sign in using your Admin username and password for QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks then begins the update process. Once the upgrade is complete, the program will take you into your file.
  • File Menu >Utilities>Verify to verify your file in the new version and ensure there were no errors in the upgrade process.

After updating your file, you will not be able to open it in your previous version of QuickBooks

Please tune in to next week’s QuickBooks tip.

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