Webinar: QuickBooks Cloud Accounting Options

In this 30 minute webinar, we'll show you how to select the QuickBooks cloud accounting option that's best for your business needs.
QuickBooks Online (QBO) v Desktop
Which features do you need? What are the benefits of each version? Both provide access to QuickBooks in the cloud, but which is right for your business?
What happens if you need support? Who can you reach out to and what's the experience like? Are you able to reach someone right away? What about support via LiveChat?
Budget is always a factor in business. Review the costs of both QuickBooks hosting and QBO to better understand which best fits your business needs.
For companies with multiple QuickBooks files, Swizznet can be a very cost effective
How is the program accessed? What is the difference in interface? Will you need training and what does that entail?
Get answers to these questions and more in our webinar recording:

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