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      Why Accountants Need IT Management

      Accounting firms have to manage a lot of sensitive data and keeping that data secure is vitally important. One way to ensure the security of accounting firm's data is by outsourcing their IT management to a trusted source, such as Swizznet, and opting in for their Managed Services offering.

      What’s Included?

      Swizznet's managed IT service is specifically designed for accounting firms and provides cybersecurity awareness training and end-point detection and response (EDR) services that can help businesses stay secure. With our secure platform designed with accounting firms in mind, we can keep client financial data safe by providing layers of encryption, two-factor authentication, identity management, and other advanced security protocols. We also automate routine maintenance and patching tasks, allowing accounting firms to focus on their core business activities without having to worry about IT infrastructure upkeep or support issues. Accountants have enough on their plates and should not have to worry about potential data breaches or even losing data. With regular backups, firms can rest assured that any unforeseen problems can be quickly resolved without significant delays or disruption of service.

      When it comes to the security of sensitive data, it is important to invest in a quality IT infrastructure that is designed to protect information from intrusion, viruses, and other malicious threats. With Swizznet, companies get access to enterprise-grade security software and support from experienced professionals who understand the challenges of protecting digital assets. Swizznet's Managed IT provides anytime and anywhere access with a secure internet connection while maintaining strong data integrity without sacrificing security.

      IT Management Made Easy

      Swizznet also offers comprehensive audits of existing IT systems, helping businesses pinpoint areas where their systems can be improved or strengthened. These audits identify potential weaknesses in system design and architecture and suggest strategies to keep networks secure throughout the year. The team's insights help organizations develop robust protections against cyber criminals while complying with industry regulations compliance standards.

      Overall, outsourcing your IT management needs to an experienced provider like Swizznet is an efficient way to increase security while reducing costs associated with maintaining your own internal IT department. Take advantage of the benefits that come with using a fully managed service. If you would like to learn more, take our online on-demand cybersecurity course where we dive into the basics of cybersecurity and get you familiarized with what you need to do to secure your firm's data. 

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