Why Every Accounting Firm Needs Tax Software Hosting

Our tax software hosting options can help you run a better accounting firm. They provide high level security while saving you time and money. Our hosting options have great customer service solutions, and they can even assist you in expanding your business. These are the top ways Swizznet’s online hosting solutions can boost your accounting firm.

QuickBooks Compatibility

Most accounting firms rely on QuickBooks to handle accounts payable and receivable. Our software is meant to work with your existing QuickBooks account. This allows for a streamlined transition from an in-house server to an online hosting option. You'll save on precious working hours, since your staff won't need training on a totally new platform.

Improve Your Efficiency with Tax Software Hosting

An in-house server only allows your employees to work on-site. However, online hosting enables your employees to work wherever an internet connection is available. They can work from home, multiple office locations, or during business travel. Since your employees won't need to commute, they can work with greater efficiency. Your entire firm can become more productive with expanded options.

Higher Security with Tax Software Hosting

If you are relying on an in-house server, your files must be manually backed up on disc or on paper. This not only requires time and storage space, but puts you at risk for damage or theft. You'll enjoy higher security with tax software hosting. All of your files are stored in the cloud, which is backed up on servers in different locations. Your files are less likely to be compromised with this option. We also offer the highest level malware protection for your files.

Better Customer Service

Are you tired of your productivity screeching to a halt when you need IT assistance? This is a big problem when you rely on an in-house server. The good news is that an online hosting option all but eliminates this problem. Our customer service representatives are highly trained. They can fix any problem that arises within minutes of receiving a chat message or phone call. You'll be up and running much faster than you would be with an in-house server.

Grow Your Business

Have you considered expanding to another location? Swizznet’s online tax hosting solutions make this option possible. You can set up multiple office locations and still allow all employees to access the same files from a remote server. This can help you expand your profits faster than you can do with an in-house server.

Affordable Options

By switching to cloud-based tax software hosting, you pay on a monthly subscription basis. This can save your budget from a big bite for an annual fee. You could also save hundreds or even thousands per year over your current IT support costs.

The pros at Swizznet are ready to help you find a better solution for your accounting firm. Give us a call to learn more about the cloud services we offer. Contact us at 866-218-7976 today.

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