Why You Need a Tax Hosting Upgrade

To succeed in today's fast-paced world, you need the right kind of tax hosting. Swizznet creates secure tax software hosting solutions for accountants and small businesses. These are the top three reasons you need an upgrade to your current system.

New Capabilities in Tax Hosting

If you think your current tax system is fine, you may not see a definite reason to upgrade. However, if you want new capabilities for your business, an upgrade is essential. It will allow you to grow your customer base and speed employee efficiency, which is a clear advantage over your current system.

Swizznet builds custom tax hosting solutions that are highly compatible with your current system. Whether you use CCH, CS Professional Suite, Drake, Lacerte, ProSeries, QuickBooks or another type of accounting software, we will make sure an upgrade works with your system. The transition between your current software and the upgrade will be seamless. Your employees will appreciate the same forms and screens, yet your capabilities will expand.

With a tax hosting upgrade, your employees can access the company system at any hour of the day, wherever an Internet connection is available. This switch allows your employees to work from home or during business travel. They will appreciate this change, which can enhance morale and improve productivity.

When your employees work with greater efficiency, your team has more time for marketing. You can use extra time to pursue new customers and deepen existing customer relationships. The upgrade will also afford you less downtime, since you won't need to bring in an IT consultant for repairs. All the upgrades and troubleshooting are handled online. A tax hosting upgrade offers new capabilities that aren't possible with your existing system.

Best Available Security

You may be concerned that a tax hosting upgrade isn't as secure as an in-house server. However, you may be surprised to learn the truth. Online hosting is much safer than a traditional system for several reasons.

If all your files are stored on a single server, they are vulnerable to damage and theft. Floods, power surges and weather disasters can wipe out your server, and anyone could break in and steal it or corrupt the files. You can't afford that risk if you are trying to grow your business.

To decrease these risks, you can upgrade to an online hosting option. It depends on several servers in different locations, which lessens the risk of theft or damage. You'll also have automatic backups and malware protection with an online upgrade, which makes your files more secure.

Money Savings with Tax Hosting

Are you tired of getting hit with subscription fees at the wrong time of the year? You can avoid this with a tax system upgrade, which has a monthly subscription. This is a predictable expense that you can figure into your monthly budget.

Another tough expense is IT support. You could spend hundreds of dollars to fix the problem, on top of losing billable hours during downtime. However, you can save money with our built-in customer support. With an online tax server, we can provide solutions in minutes.

For new capabilities, better security, and money savings, you need a tax hosting upgrade. Talk with the experts at Swizznet about which upgrade is right for you. Give us a call at 866-218-7976 today.

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