Why You Need to Upgrade Your Tax Hosting Service

If you use an in-house server for tax filing services, you can benefit from an upgraded tax hosting system. Whether you are a CPA or own a small business, an upgrade can streamline your services. These are the main reasons an upgrade will help boost your business.

Improved Efficiency

When you rely on an in-house server, you are tied to a single location when you need to work. An online tax hosting system allows you to work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You can work anywhere an internet connection is available.

This can speed up your work since your hours can be more flexible. It can also help you expand your business to multiple locations or allow your employees to work from home. More flexibility allows for greater efficiency, faster turnaround, and happier clients.

Greater Security

If you’re sticking to an in-house server because you feel it’s more secure, you may be surprised to learn the truth. An online server provides several security benefits you may not have realized before. Our tax hosting solutions are even safer than traditional systems.

Your files are automatically backed up with an online system, which provides more accuracy and security. The cloud storage is held on several large servers in different locations. Compared to an in-house server, this system has a lower risk of theft or damage.

We adhere to the highest standards in internet security for safeguarding your files. Your clients can rest easy knowing their personal information is kept private. With automatic backups to the cloud, the files are even more secure than they are on an in-house server.

Seamless Software Interface

Many business owners and accountants rely on QuickBooks for tax filing. Our online option meshes perfectly with your existing QuickBooks account. This means you and your team will have virtually no learning curve, since everything in QuickBooks will work just the same as always.

We also create systems that mesh with other tax software, including CCH, CS Professional Suite, Drake, Lacerte, ProSeries, and others. Our custom systems will help you make a quick transition to an online system. This can save you time since you don’t have to worry about learning how to use new software.

Excellent Customer Care

If you run into a problem, our team is instantly available to help you troubleshoot online. This can save you time and money over calling an IT professional to fix your problems. Our live agents can help you solve technical problems in minutes via phone call or instant messaging, around the clock.

More Time to Build Your Business

With an online tax hosting system, you no longer need to worry about categorizing and storing paper files. This fact grants you more time to develop your business. With fewer storage and filing needs, you have more hours to contact new prospects and gain new clients. You may also have time to expand your business to more locations.

Money-Saving Solutions

Upgrading your in-house server and existing software can take a hefty chunk out of your budget. We can help you save hundreds of dollars every year by offering a monthly subscription price. An online tax hosting system can be more affordable than the system you are currently using.

Interested in learning more? Contact the pros at Swizznet at 866-218-7976 to get started today. We’ll create a custom tax hosting upgrade for your business needs.

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