Why You Should Consider an Upgrade to Sage

Are you considering an upgrade to a Sage account? There are many benefits to switching to Sage. Here are the many ways a new remote access Sage account can boost your business.

Boost Your Business with Sage

If you have an in-house server, you are limited to a single location. With Sage, you can expand your business to two or more locations. Your employees can work from home or during business travel. This can help everyone work more efficiently, which will boost your business.

A private cloud server with Sage allows you to expand. If you want more than one office location, all the employees can use the same system in the cloud. This is a convenient and affordable option when you want to grow your business.

Employees appreciate flextime options, and those are possible with a cloud-based server. Your morning people and your night owls can work during their highest level of productivity. With this change in working options, your business can get a boost and have greater profits.

Get More Security with Sage

The Sage option is an even more secure solution than an in-house server. Since the in-house uses a single server, all your files are stored in one location. Your current setup is vulnerable to damage, theft or malware. However, upgrading to Sage can greatly reduce your security risks.

When you use remote access Sage, you enjoy better security. Your client files are safer because they are stored on several different servers spread out in various locations. If one server goes down, the files are still safe because they are backed up in multiple locations. They are also less vulnerable to theft, damage, and file corruption.

You and your clients can have greater peace of mind with a private cloud server. You won't need to reserve space for paper files, because the client files are more secure within the cloud. Swizznet will also ensure that your files are protected from cyber attacks and ransomware. There's really no greater security, compared to an in-house server.

Better Customer Service with Sage

When your in-house server fails, you lose valuable time and money. You will have downtime while an IT professional repairs the server, along with service bills. This can be a costly option when you are trying to grow your business.

You can avoid unexpected IT expenses with Sage. The private cloud packages include top-quality customer service. If you run into a problem, simply call or live chat with well-trained representatives. They can fix your problem in minutes. This will help you get back to work much faster as compared to an in-house server setup.

You can trim costs while you grow your business with a Sage private cloud. Swizznet offers an excellent customer service package along with all our remote access Sage upgrades. Our representatives are highly trained, so they can help you find a solution within minutes. You can use online chat or the phone to get the answers you need.

The Right Sage Upgrade for You

Are you interested in a Sage upgrade? The pros at Swizznet will help you choose the best upgrade solution for your business. Call us for more information at 866.296.9829 today or send a message to info@.swizznet.com now to choose your Sage package.

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