Did you know that there is more oversight for someone cutting hair than there is for someone running a cloud computing service organization? As of today, the cloud is completely self-regulated which means that it’s up to the individual provider to decide what standards to meet (if any) and what accreditation or certifications to get (again, if any). This lack of oversight and credibility is exactly why we chose to go through the process of becoming an Accredited MSP with the Managed Service Provider (MSP) Alliance.

The MSP Alliance is an independent third-party organization which performs a full audit on things like security, customer service and company financials so that you can have the piece of mind of knowing that you’re selecting a cloud computing solution that is secure, reliable and is financially sound.

Charles Weaver, the head of the MSP Alliance, recently wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal focused on just this issue and why these types of certifications for cloud computing and hosting providers, like Swizznet, are so extremely important. Check it out:

Cloud Providers: The Case for Universal Standards

Swizznet has received accreditation under MSP Alliance’s (MSPA) Managed Services Accreditation Program (MSAP). MSAP is the first program of its kind, specifically designed and created to provide customers of managed services providers with the assurance that the services provider they hire meets or exceeds the highest principles of quality in areas such as financial stability, facilities, managed services practices, and customer satisfaction.

In addition to being accredited by the MSP Alliance, we also went through the rigorous process of becoming an Intuit Authorized Commercial host – I’ll go into more detail on this program in my next blog post.