We know many extremely busy financial professionals who would love to cut their workload, IT headaches and save up to 70 percent on costs. Thankfully the solution is not difficult to find – the answer is using QuickBooks in cloud software with Swizznet!

In a Bill.com survey of CFO’s they found that moving the financial process to the cloud can cut the workload in half and slash costs up to 70 percent!

Among the key findings of the survey:

Financial executives are discovering that by moving their AP process to the cloud, they can cut their work by more than half and slash the cost by 50 percent, a saving that amounts to tens of thousands of dollars for many organizations.

Another incentive for moving to the cloud is the ability to transition to a paperless work environment. The majority of survey respondents (85.5%) said reducing paper was either very important or somewhat important to them.


Saving time and money creates a priceless opportunity for you to focus on growing your business and not IT headaches.


Industry-Leading Citrix Technology with the Best Security and Reliability Available. We use the very latest Citrix XenApp 6.5 technology with 256-bit encryption to provide our users with an experience that is both reliable and secure, with no unscheduled down time.

Redundant Firewalls. We run top-of-the-line firewall hardware, backed by a second tier. It there’s ever problem with a firewall, another one immediately takes its place.

Encrypted SSL gateway and PCI compliant. Our entire Swizznet system is covered by Site Safe SSL certification with a $1,000,000 user guarantee. We’re PCI-compliant so you can safely process credit cards via QuickBooks. Every month, we do port scanning, certified by Coalfire, to identify potential risks and ensure the highest safety levels, as good or better than online banking standards

User Permissioning and Controls. We can set up special permissions so that each user is only able to see and access the information that is appropriate for them. User accounts can be immediately disabled when the need arises.

Encrypted Drag and Drop Secure File Transfer Capability. Our system allows you to easily and securely, drag and drop files via an encrypted connection between your local machine and your secure Swizznet storage drive.

Secure Access from Any Mobile Device. Apps for the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, and Windows Mobile devices so you can stay connected no matter where your business takes you.

Rigorous tracking. Every change is logged, revisions time-stamped, deletions noted. The integrated activity log notes every iteration and quickly restores previous versions when needed. Team Share folders streamline collaboration and notify members of changes in managed files.

Serious control. Now you can define policy, track use, even wipe data from remote desktops and devices, all from a powerful, built-in administrator dashboard. Audit tracking and strict policy controls provide granular

user-level management. And everything’s protected under 448 Blowfish encryption.

Make your business look even smarter. We’ll add your brand to Swizz Sync so you can offer a unique resource for clients’ secure file sync and share. You’ll be able to track downloads, set expiration dates and add messages — all with your branding.


Save valuable time and eliminate unnecessary tasks with Swizznet-hosted QuickBooks in cloud accessibility!