Hosted QuickBooks Tip of the Week: QuickBooks File Maintenance

Do you notice little issues within your QuickBooks file? If you exit out of QuickBooks and go back in, does it fix them? This could be a tell-tale sign that your QuickBooks file needs to be checked for problems.

To run Verify on your QuickBooks file, here are the steps to follow:

•First, open your file in QuickBooks and switch to single-user mode

•Select the File Menu >Utilities>Verify

•If QuickBooks detected problems, run the rebuild utility (File>Utilities>Rebuild Data)

•When running the rebuild, QuickBooks will prompt you to make a backup, please save this to your Swizznet Z:\ drive

•After running rebuild, you will want to repeat the verify process to be sure it fixed the problems. If it still finds problems, you can run the rebuild up to 3 times and verify again. If it does not fix the problems, you may need to contact Intuit for assistance.

We recommend running verify on your file monthly to ensure good health of your QuickBooks files.

Please tune in to next week’s QuickBooks tip.