Hosted QuickBooks Tip of the Week: Not Using SmartVault? Be sure to turn it off to improve performance.

Are you seeing a little green pop up login box in the lower right corner of your QuickBooks? Is your QuickBooks file running slow? If you don’t use SmartVault or know what it is, you’ll want to turn if off in your files to improve performance.

You can turn this app off via your preferences in QuickBooks in just a few minutes. To change the setting, open your QB file as the Admin user in Single-User Mode. Go to Edit>Preferences>Integrated Applications.

On the Company Preferences tab, click on the check mark next to SmartVault to remove it. In the System Tray of your computer, right click on the green Keyhole Icon and then click Exit. You will no longer see the prompt to login to this app when you open your file.

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