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Growth should not be limited by hardware or capital. With a Swizznet private cloud server, adding one or a hundred new users or applications is just a click away. Your Cloud Workspace on Swizznet works beyond physical constraints and scales to meet your changing needs. Pair your server with tax hosting, QuickBooks hosting or Office 365 and the sky is the limit!

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Instant Access

Instant Access

Mac, PC and mobile access that runs five times faster than any other platform. Swizznet uses the platinum standard for remote access.

We leverage the enterprise-grade power of the public cloud and deploy your Sage cloud or private cloud server on Azure, INAP or Google – the choice is yours.

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Obsessive Support®

We’re serious about our support, with a full team of US-based experts ready to assist you and your clients at any time. We update and maintain the apps on your server, optimize operations, troubleshoot pesky glitches and are standing ready with unlimited help, by call, click or email.

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No More Sleepless Nights

No More Sleepless Nights

Keeping your business running after a disaster is tough without access to remotely secured data. Our built-in redundancy and automated backups keep your data secure and your information accessible.

Private Cloud Server Hosting Saves Thousands Over an On-Premise Server

Private Cloud Server Hosting Saves Thousands Over an On-Premise Server

Think an on-premise server is a one-time cost? Think again! The licensing, maintenance and support can be a major drain. We’ve done the math and will show you how you can save thousands by moving to the a private server on Swizznet. Your private cloud is provided on a month-to-month agreement with no long-term commitment, just one monthly payment.

“Clients are thrilled with the ability to access their files anywhere, anytime. And, it’s always the most up-to-date file. No more transferring QuickBooks files and hoping the correct file is used. The cost and time savings are immeasurable.“

Karen Durand / Acorn Accounting

“With Swizznet, our firm doesn’t have to be in the IT business – we can now focus on accounting.Our clients have instant access to their accounting system and it gives them peace of mind.And to top it off, they have an amazing technical support response team.“

Elizabeth Mance / Accountability Services, LLC