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      Free QB Desktop Trial Talk to a Specialist
      Free QB Desktop Trial Talk to a Specialist

      Complete, Secure Access to QuickBooks® Enterprise, Premier or Pro Software

      With Swizznet cloud hosting, you can manage your QuickBooks and collaborate in real-time from any computer, anywhere, anytime with all your apps. It’s that simple, and we give you the option to bring your own QuickBooks license or rent a version from Swizznet on a monthly basis. In addition, Swizznet hosting is built on enterprise-grade technology for a fast, secure, and reliable experience you can’t find anywhere else.
      QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Solutions for Accountants
      QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Solutions for Businesses


      Dedicated to Performance, Security, & Your Success

      As an Intuit Authorized Commercial host for QuickBooks, you can rest easy knowing that we have the technical expertise to get the job done right. All of our support team members are US-based and are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Not only that, we provide a superior user experience by using Citrix or NetApp for much faster performance and more features, such as multiple monitors, local printing, drag and drop, and more so that you can get work done anywhere you choose.  We also are committed to providing enterprise grade security and backups to keep you and your data safe.

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      Hosted QuickBooks for Accountants

      Start Billing Fast

      With Swizznet’s QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution, you can eliminate IT headaches and devote your time to valuable, billable work.


      Real-time sharing puts your expertise to work on the spot, on the page and in the moment. Real-time collaboration and troubleshooting exceed the expectations of even the most critical client.


      Your Swizznet client is able to scan documents for processing, filing and secure storage. Everything’s in one accessible environment, password-protected and backed up twice. Permission rights ensure data security and our technology helps you stay compliant and reduce risk.


      With instant access to expert technical advice and training, your clients can staff with less-expensive personnel. Swizznet remote access QuickBooks lets your firm be there, online, every day.


      Swizznet helps you expand into new lines of business, including Client Accounting Advisory Services (CAAS), by opening up access to your clients’ real-time financial data. We help you offer these new services by giving accountants our deepest discounted pricing and providing you with customized and branded marketing materials – all at no extra charge.


      Streamline your accounting processes, make it easy to add new clients and staff. For your employee users we provide our best volume pricing (contact us to find out more). For your clients, our monthly subscription plans and pricing are fair and simple, without hidden fees. We offer the industry’s best QuickBooks hosting service and support.

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      Take Your Business to New Heights with QuickBooks Hosting

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      Upgrade and Expand

      Forget slow and erratic in-house servers when you switch to Swizznet, the remote access QuickBooks solution that’s always up (99.95% uptime guaranteed), up-to-date and maintained by our Obsessive Support® team. Add your apps for no additional cost or upgrade a private cloud server to take all your unique applications to the cloud.

      Seamless Sharing

      Sharing between Mac and PC desktops can be challenging — unless you’re using Swizznet for seamless, platform-agnostic file collaboration or data sharing with QuickBooks cloud hosting.

      Safe and Secure

      Stop worrying about disasters, crashes or hackers. Everything in your Swizznet drive is safe, secure and available from double backups. We provide enterprise-grade protection for your most valuable business asset – your data.

      Use the Swizznet That’s Right for You

      Need to add features? Ready to upgrade from an on-premise or QuickBooks Online solution? Swizznet QuickBooks hosting lets you use your purchased license — or rent a new one — for solutions from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Premier to QuickBooks Pro.

      Sleep Easy with Redundant Backup Systems

      We backup and backup again. One backup system completes backups hourly from 4am-10pm CT and keeps them for 24 hours. A second backup system, backs up data nightly and holds those backups for 30 days – the first of the month nightly backup is held for 12 months. 

      No More Barriers to Your Success

      We help your organization overcome the scariness of the unknown: We pay for a 15-day Swizznet hosted QuickBooks account, set up your Swizznet and virtual office, train you, and support your staff. All with a simple, no-tricks monthly subscription.

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      No more contracts — we earn your business every month. No more buying software, no more semi-annual upgrades or complicated authorization codes. One monthly fee covers your anytime, anywhere access, your secure backups, and your on-call service and support team. Welcome to Swizznet. 

      Are you a CPA or Bookkeeping firm? We provide you with special pricing for your employees. Contact us to find out more.

      Volume pricing is available. Contact Us to find out more.




      15-Day Trial

      Includes BYOL Intuit Fee

      Anytime Access

      Obsessive Support®

      Bank-Grade Security

      Backup taken every 60 mins.




      15-Day Trial

      Includes Enterprise Software License Rental

      Anytime Access

      Obsessive Support®

      Bank-Grade Security

      Backup taken every 60 mins.

      Apps for Enterprise

      Need Microsoft Apps integrated with your Enterprise QuickBooks hosting? Bring your own license or purchase one with your hosting. Microsoft Apps provides access on Swizznet as well as the ability to download and install on up to five computers or devices.

      See the app directory for available app add-ons. In addition to these apps, we can add all your specialized business apps via a private cloud server.

      Visit the Apps Directory

      Calculate Your ROI Instantly

      What would you expect from a QuickBooks® hosting solution created by accountants? Try out these three instant calculators for insight on savings and growth potential.

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