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      quickbooks faq

      Get answers to all your cloud QuickBooks FAQ

      General Hosted QuickBooks FAQ

      Can I convert from QuickBooks® Online?

      Yes – we are experts at helping you convert from QuickBooks Online (QBO). If you love the anytime access of QBO, but need the functionality of the QuickBooks desktop software, then Swizznet QuickBooks hosting is the answer for you. Our certified ProAdvisors are experts at helping users convert files from QBO and can schedule a time that works best for you to make the conversion – all at no cost to you. We can have you up and running in a matter of hours.

      Plus, if you have multiple QuickBooks files, we can save you money – we charge per user and not per file like QBO.  Try Now!

      Can I use an iPad, iPhone or smart phone?

      We have you covered. With Swizznet it’s easy to access your accounting information from anywhere. We have mobile apps available for the iPad, tablet, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. Not able to install an app? We also offer HTML5 access for seamless access on the go.

      Can multiple users be in the same QuickBooks® file at the same time?

      Yes. You and other users can work in the same file at the same time from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Swizznet QuickBooks hosting makes collaboration and training a snap.

      Do I pay extra for multiple QuickBooks® Files?

      Not a penny. You can have as many QuickBooks files as you like. Swizznet’s monthly pricing is per user, not per minute, byte or file.

      Do you charge for data storage?

      Unlimited data storage—included with the basic hosting package! Your QuickBooks, PDF, and Office files are backed up every half hour and can be accessed and restored at the click of your mouse. At no extra charge.

      Using Swizz Sync? This includes the first 5 GB of data per user, per month.

      How fast is Swizznet?

      We use the fastest technology platform available. Our users tell us that QuickBooks on Swizznet is faster than Quickbook on their local computer. There’s no lag when you enter data. Our technology doubles application performance and printing speeds. Test the speed on your computer. We’ll pay for a 15-day test drive just to wow you with our speed, ease and unbeatable features.

      How is Swizznet different from GoToMyPC?

      Remote access tools like GoToMyPC actually log you into someone else’s computer, creating enormous privacy issues: you have access to every file, every email. Speed is sluggish because you’re working against their Internet connection and the speed of their computer. Printing is almost always tricky with remote access tools.

      With Swizznet, you and your users log into the same shared network where everyone can work at the same time. Your applications run at least 4 to 5 times faster and you have one-click seamless printing. Privacy is never an issue —share files and information without logging into anyone’s computer.

      How reliable can a virtual server be?

      Swizznet’s up and running, day in and day out. Our back end is fully redundant, delivering more than 99.95% uptime with 0% unscheduled downtime. Maintenance and upgrades are always scheduled for non-critical nights and weekends and you’re always notified in advance. Our US based support and engineering teams make your experience as smooth as possible.

      What if I use a PC and my other users are on a Mac?

      No problem. Swizznet never discriminates. Mac users can login and use the system just like Windows users – everyone working in the same QuickBooks file at the same time. Like PC users, Mac users seamlessly print, drag and drop files and use all of the applications. And everyone receives the excellent service and support that have made Swizznet famous.

      What versions of QuickBooks do you host?

      We are required to follow the Intuit support plan and host all supported versions of QuickBooks, including:

      • QuickBooks Pro 2018, 2019, 2020
      • QuickBooks Premier 2018, 2019, 2020 (including the Accountant edition)
      • QuickBooks Enterprise 18, 19, 20
      • QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory 18, 19, 20
      What happens to my data if I cancel Swizznet service?

      That’s one thing you never need to worry about. Your data is 100% owned by you. If you need to move it, you just drag and drop your files back to your computer.

      Questions Accountants Ask About QuickBooks Hosting

      How is Swizznet different from QB Online?

      QuickBooks Online is completely different and nowhere as useful as QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise versions. Using full-featured versions of QuickBooks, Swizznet can provide inventory, grouping, advanced reporting and other features in the standard desktop versions. For instance, QB Online lets you only see one screen at a time – there is no way to do a side-by-side comparison of reports or entries like you can with desktop QB software.

      Intuit recognized the limits of their stripped-down online edition when it created the Intuit Authorized Hosting program – vetting and authorizing top hosting services like Swizznet. QuickBooks Online puts your data at risk by requiring conversion of your QuickBooks files. Your data is fully portable between Swizznet and your local computer without conversion, data risk or reformatting.

      Using multiple QuickBooks files? Clearly, QB Online’s per file fees are going to be a problem. Swizznet fees are per user – you can have as many files as you like. And that’s not all: you get unlimited online data storage with continuous backup and online access to virtual office software.

      Do you charge my clients?

      Only if you want us to. Normally we bill you, the accountant, so you can resell the service to your clients or wrap it into your service offering. If that’s not your preferred model then we can setup direct billing for your client’s upon your request.

      Do you offer custom branding?

      We have several custom branding options available. In addition, we offer custom brandable brochures and marketing materials about the hosting solution to help you get the word out to your clients.

      How do I market my online accounting services?

      We have customizable client brochures and fact sheets as well as ready-made web content (see our guide on marketing your digital accounting services). We’re happy to provide your clients with a test login or schedule a quick demo for you and your client.

      Cloud QuickBooks FAQ - Technical

      Where is your tech support team based?

      Our Obsessive Support™ team is U.S. based and they’re all Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. They know their way around QuickBooks, cloud service and all aspects of keeping our customers satisfied.

      What types of support are available?

      Swizznet is obsessive about support and offers training, setup and ongoing support. Our office hours for training and setup support are weekdays from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT. We have technical support standing by with our 24/7 Obsessive Support™ team.

      How much does support cost?

      Not a penny – training, product and IT support is included in your monthly fee. All of it.

      Do QuickBooks Add-Ons work?

      Swizznet is compatible with applications using the QuickBooks Web Connector, and IIF import/export. Swizznet also supports popular add-ons including, SmartVault, SpringAhead, Tallie, CS QB Data Utility and hundreds more.

      Add-ons that install on the same server as QuickBooks don’t work on a redundant and load-balanced cloud service. We can set up a solution using a custom private cloud server — call our service team for all the answers

      I’m already using Citrix or Terminal Services for other applications. Can I use them as well as Swizznet at the same time?

      No problem. Swizznet plays well with other remote access applications. You can have other remote desktop or Citrix applications running at the same time as Swizznet

      What happens if I don’t have Internet access?

      If your connection goes down, your work is automatically saved and you’ll be reconnected to your programs and files when log back in. You can access your Swizznet account from any computer at any location, as long as there’s Internet.

      How do I move files to and from Swizznet?

      Drag and drop files and folders— just like moving files between drives on your local computer. We also have Swizz Sync available which gives you a locally mapped drive to all your files and folders on your Swizznet storage drive.

      Can I scan directly to my Swizznet drive?

      Use any scanner with a TWAIN driver for one-step filing to Swizznet storage via PageManager or within QuickBooks to attach PDFs to transactions within your file.

      Do I need to back up my QuickBooks files on Swizznet?

      There’s no need to manually back up data on Swizznet. Every piece of data in your files is continuously backed up, automatically.