The Security Threats Facing Accountants, CPAs, and Bookkeepers in 2021 (and What to Do About It)

Security is top-of-mind for accountants and their clients this year. Recent hacks, like SolarWinds, have everyone concerned.

The world has changed a lot over 2020, and we’re not going back to 2019 any time soon, or perhaps never. We’ve seen remote work become mainstream. Client communication is now done remotely, using tools like Zoom. A whole slew of technology tools has changed the picture for accounting workflows. Employees now use their personal devices to conduct business. This all opens up exciting opportunities, especially given how many accountants not only survived but thrived, throughout the pandemic. But it also introduces new cloud accounting security challenges every firm, bookkeeper, and CPA needs to face.

What You'll Learn

  • What accountants need to know about staying secure online in a remote work environment
  • How you can protect both you and your clients files
  • Most common (and lesser known) vulnerabilities
  • How building a practice that prioritizes security isn’t a necessary evil — it’s a way for you to differentiate your firm in the market

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