What It Means to Be a Modern Accounting Firm

Take the measures to build the modern accounting firm your customers need

The definition of a modern accounting firm has changed dramatically the past two years. Remote work is now the norm, and bots are getting better at performing repetitive accounting tasks every day. As firms move their data and applications to the cloud, it feels like we are finally approaching the technology-powered accounting model that we’ve been talking about for years.

Machines can’t replace people, though. Bots exist to perform routine calculations and help us keep track of the numbers; people are needed to complete high value activities, and will continue to be. As technology continues to improve, we can expect to see improvements in automation, which will be complemented by accounting professionals who specialize in tasks only people can do, like providing advisory services.

What you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • The steps to starting a firm (or re-energizing a firm you’ve joined)
  • Key ingredients of the technology-powered accounting firm, and the technology trends you should know about
  • New models for accounting services/pricing
  • A broad picture of the new path forward for modern accounting firms.

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"The message that we’ve been giving for years has been technology, technology, technology. The thing our clients now really are reaching out for is humanity."

Liz Scott, Accounting Professional Technology Consultant, Accounting Lifeline