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      Sage Cloud Hosting FAQ

      What if I use a Mac and my other users are on a PC?

      No problem. Swizznet never discriminates. Mac users can login and use the system just like Windows users– everyone working in the same Sage files and applications at the same time. Like PC users, Mac users seamlessly print, drag and drop files and use all of the applications on a virtual desktop. And everyone receives the excellent service and support that have made Swizznet famous..

      If I use your service will I have to continue to pay Sage for the licensing?

      Swizznet extends the power of your existing Sage software license to the cloud. We host all your applications in the cloud using your licensing. You will need to continue working with your Sage reseller or partner to maintain your Sage software license(s)..

      How do I access my Sage application in the cloud?

      With the magic of Swizznet you can access your Sage cloud application from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. We help you get setup so you can have one-click access from your local computer or mobile devices – so access will feel just like you’re used to. If you’re on the road we even have browser-based access for logging from a kiosk or other location where installation of plug-in is not possible.

      Is my data backed up?

      Yes – with Swizznet there will be no more sleepless nights spent wondering if your backup ran successfully. Our expert engineers have a customized backup solution specifically for Sage. To ensure reliable backups we first stop all services on your server, complete the backup and then restart service. You can rest easy knowing that this happens for you automatically, night after night. We backup all data on a nightly basis and backups are held for 30-days. For SQL instances we take snapshots of the server and hold them for 7 days.

      Are the Swizznet systems secure?

      We provide bank-quality security for accessing your data and applications. Our systems meet the banking standards for PCI compliance and are housed in state-of-the-art SOC 2 data centers to ensure lock-solid security. We protect your private cloud with Webroot heuristic anti-virus and anti-ransomware to ensure your data is safe from cyber threats.

      How much does Swizznet private cloud hosting for Sage cost?

      We tailor our private cloud solutions for Sage to each customer so that you’re only paying for the resources and tools that you need. Contact us today for a quote.

      How do we migrate our data?

      We will work with you and/or your Sage partner to quickly and securely transfer your existing data to your Swizznet private Sage cloud. We leverage the latest technology and tools to make the process easy and seamless.

      How long does it take to get setup?

      We can have your server ready within 2 business days. From there we work with your Sage partner to complete the setup and migrate your data to the system. Most clients are off and running within a week. Need it faster? That’s no problem! We have lightening fast solutions and can have you off and running in the same day if need be.

      Do you support add-on applications?

      Swizznet plays well with all your applications. We provide you with your own private cloud server and can customize it to include as many applications as you need to keep your business running smoothly.

      Will it be as fast as on my local computer?

      We offer the fastest technology platform available. Our users tell us that Sage on Swizznet is faster than on their local computer. There’s no lag when you enter data. Our app delivery technology ensure fast application performance and printing speeds. In addition, we use Internap’s patented MIRO technology to dynamically evaluate path characteristics including latency, packet loss and route stability to select the best route to any given destination, resulting in low latency, high availability and accelerated application performance.

      Test the speed on your computer today.