How secure is your local computer? Do you have a firewall, data encryption, a backup solution and disaster recovery in place? Who do you call to ensure you can depend on those systems day and night.

Using a Cloud solution to access QuickBooks and all your files and applications versus your own local setup not only adds the ability to access your files anytime, and anywhere, but adds enterprise security, backup and disaster recovery at a cost that most small-to-medium sized business could not afford to setup and maintain on their own.

Here are just a few of the enterprise-grade solutions that you can take advantage of with Swizznet:

  • Mirrored SOC 2 certified data centers
  • Monthly vulnerability scans verified by third-party
  • Redundant firewalls with intrusion detection
  • Connect securely from any computer or mobile device via Citrix – the gold-standard in remote-access security
  • Audited and vetted by both the MSP Alliance and Intuit
  • SSL Encryption
  • PCI Compliant
  • Every 30 minute backups via redundant backup systems
  • Easy user permissioning and controls
  • Multi-factor authentication

Leverage the enterprise-grade security and solutions for a fraction of the cost – find out more today!