Private Cloud Servers - Safe, Affordable, and Fast

The answer to obsolescence.

Swizznet’s custom Citrix private-cloud server

“Sorry, the server’s down”: Outgrown, slow and unreliable in-house servers are more than frustrating, they’re chewing into the bottom line. Hours of IT repairs, achingly slow response time and the potential of a crash have smart managers looking at replacement options. And the cloud is a very popular option.

Everything runs faster: Mac, PC and mobile access and it all all runs Citrix Fast, 4 to 5 times faster than any other platform. Citrix XenApp is the platinum standard for remote access

Through the roof, beyond the walls. Growth should not be limited by hardware or limited capital. With a Swizznet private cloud server, adding one or a hundred new users or applications is just a click away. A virtual server works beyond physical constraints and scales to meet your changing needs. Pair your server with Office 365 and the sky is the limit!

A belt. And suspenders. Keeping your business running after disaster is tough without access to remotely secured data. The built-in redundancy and automated backups provide a level of security unmatched by most in-house setups.

It’s all about the service: Swizznet is rightly praised for our customer service, but don’t forget our IT team, based right here in the U.S. We update and maintain the apps on your server, we optimize operations, troubleshoot pesky glitches and, best of all, are standing ready with unlimited help, by call, click or email.  

Keep your capital in the bank. Your Swizznet private cloud server is provided on a month-to-month agreement without long term commitment. Just one monthly payment.

Get Swizznet. Or pay for expensive hardware, installation, maintenance and IT time.  

  • "Clients are thrilled with the ability to access their files anywhere, anytime. And, it's always the most up-to-date file.  No more transferring QuickBooks files and hoping the correct file is used. The cost and time savings are immeasurable." - Karen Durand of Acorn Accounting


  • "Having Swizznet host QuickBooks that seamlessly integrates with the Mac operating system has been awesome for me and my clients.  They offer stellar services, customer support and very friendly tech support.  In my opinion, Swizznet is the best hosting company out there!" - Valerie A Madar, PA of Assured Accounting LLC
  • "Quick, easy setup and Swizznet is terrific with our clients.  Swizznet’s QuickBooks hosting solution is cost effective and works so well that we’ve made it the basis of our remote accounting business model." - Bob Dearman of Remote Control Accounting


  • "With Swizznet, our firm doesn’t have to be in the IT business – we can now focus on accounting.  Our clients have instant access to their accounting system and it gives them peace of mind.  And to top it off, they have an amazing technical support response team." - Elizabeth Mance of Accountability Services LLC


  • "Thanks for the great service and for keeping my clients happy. It is a true reflection of the professionalism of your whole staff and the current technological business solutions offered by Swizznet." - Bob Fahey of smlBIZ Financial Solutions 


  • "As a provider of outsourced CFO consulting services, we need 24/7 remote access to our clients' books and records.  Swizznet not only enables us to do that with ease, they do it with "best in class" technology and customer support." -Steven Singer of Maven Strategic Solutions, LLC


  • "Swizznet has revolutionalized the way we do business. It has allowed us to improve our work efficiency and provide superior customer service. Swizznet has provided us the ability to assist our client from anywhere, anytime."  -Brody Giles of B&T Bookkeeping, Inc.


  • "Swizznet's QuickBooks hosting has been an invaluable solution for my practice. My clients and I are all able to collaborate and work together anytime, anywhere - this means no more duplicate work or wasted time chasing down files. Plus, the security, service and reliability are unbeatable."
    -Daryl S. McLinden of The McLinden Group

  • Even though there are more inexpensive QuickBooks hosting services out there, you definitely get what you pay for.  Starting with your knowledeable sales team and moving to your patience support team, by the end of the day, everything is up and running successfully.  As a business owner, I know how important word of mouth is, and we will definitely be recommending your services to fellow business owners that we interact with in our field!

    - Amy Cvetic-Thomas, TADALA Architectural Solution

  • "Swizznet enables me to access my important programs and files from anywhere.  Since I have several staff in different offices, Swizznet delivers the scalability I need, with ease of access & without blowing the budget on IT costs.  - Scott Love of SDL Private Advisors


  • "Swizznet has been an outstanding business alliance. Swizznet has proven distinction by their friendly, prompt customer services and their excellent hosting solution.  This is one service you can not do without!" - Brenda Ware of Your Balance Sheet, LLC

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