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Hernandez & Co, Swizznet +

Unfamiliar with Swizznet’s QuickBooks hosting? Here are some considerations for QuickBooks cloud hosting and the power of application integrations like via one of our favorite case studies from Hernandez & Co.


Hernandez and his firm’s 25 employees are based in Coral Gables, Florida, and deliver their powerful outsourced accounting services through an integrated solution provided by and Swizznet, which offers QuickBooks hosting and online accounting solutions. “We give our clients access to their financial information so they have total control over their payables,” adds Hernandez, “and that’s where comes into play.”


Keeping Control, Around the Globe


The solution is typically sold as part of a package to CFOs and Controllers who want to outsource their AP and AR. “First and foremost,” explains Hernandez, “ gives our clients control over their cash flow. They want to know ‘How much money is available to pay bills?’ ‘Who is paying the bills?’ With, you know how much you have in the bank and know if the person paying the bills is authorized to do so.”


The Swizznet/ Connection—A Partnership that Clicks


Among the best considerations for cloud hosting, Swizznet offers QuickBooks hosting and cloud computing solutions to accountants and small businesses who want to take advantage of seamless, streamlined technology to help them manage their accounting and bookkeeping functions. is their partner in providing the payable and receivable applications.


“Swizznet provides online access to the full version of QuickBooks so accountants, like those at Hernandez & Company, and their clients can work in the same QuickBooks file at any time, as long as they have an Internet connection,” explains Kristin Callan, Swizznet’s Director of Client Services. Instead of using QuickBook’s accounts payable functionality, their clients install the Swizznet dashboard and synchronize with through an easy to-install plug-in. “ extends our functionality by putting the whole accounting process into the cloud. We have a variety of different firms who customize’s capabilities to fit the way they use them.”


In fact, Swizznet started using because of the strong demand for it among its customers. “Customers like Armando Hernandez began asking for it,” related Callan. “When he discovered that had a top-notch product and offered excellent customer support, he wanted it.” “It’s a great tool,” Hernandez confirms. “Most of our clients are using QuickBooks, and has the same easy-to-use approach. The price is right, it’s easy to setup, easy to train people on, and easy to use. You receive an invoice from a customer by email or fax, and a few mouse-clicks later the bill is ready for approval. If you have a question or a problem, help is never far away. has everything a small business needs, including near instant access to all the information and documents relating to an account with just a few mouse-clicks—no matter where in the world you happen to be. That’s about as simple as it gets. allows our clients to compete in ways they were never able to before.”