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      • Addresses hardware, software, and external security challenges in a single-source solution.
      • Provides technology management support that scales to each organization's operational needs, not the other way around.
      • Adapts to each company’s needs, customized to support unique business goals and security priorities.
      • Enhances productivity in a secure environment that offers flexibility and cybersecurity compliance.

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      Accelerating Efficiency & Growth

      Swizznet understands that a secure and sophisticated technology backbone is essential for businesses that want to serve clients well and grow their businesses. More than just a private cloud environment or end device management, SwizzStack is an efficient and flexible platform that optimizes work flow and reduces the risk of a security breach by protecting access to data with customized and enforceable cybersecurity policies.

      Small and medium-sized businesses need an affordable and flexible IT management and cybersecurity solution that takes the headaches out of day-to-day operations without the expense of standing up an in-house IT department.

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      Swizznet is an extension of your team, providing IT services, data protection, and Obsessive Support®, our trademark technical assistance.

      • Integrated private cloud platform
      • Continuous system monitoring
      • Privately hosted applications
      • Private network and secure WiFi
      • Device and vendor management
      • Audit checklist and support
      • Email encryption and archival
      • Vulnerability and penetration testing
      • Data recovery testing
      Technology Support
      • Infrastructure: hardware, PCs, mobile, network, peripherals
      • Integrated O365
      • Hardware refresh program
      • Unified communications
      • Virtual IT department

      Trusted, Active and Responsive

      With SwizzStack, businesses get an enterprise-level IT management platform that enables productivity while managing cybersecurity risks.

      • Swizznet Obsessive Support® is continuously on-call to deliver industry-leading outsourced IT management.
      • When a data breach or potential cybersecurity attack is identified, the team acts immediately to contain the attack, mitigate risk and facilitate a rapid return to normal operations.
      • Engineering specialists, systems administrators and client success experts comprise the dedicated support team.
      • Identity management, compliance adherence and technology integration are at the core of SwizzStack service model.

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      No More Sleepless Nights


      SwizzStack offers accounting firms, bookkeepers, and businesses the most sophisticated and intelligent outsourced IT support solution for today’s flexible workforce, without the overhead of an in-house IT department.

      “Clients are thrilled with the ability to access their files anywhere, anytime. And, it’s always the most up-to-date file. No more transferring QuickBooks files and hoping the correct file is used. The cost and time savings are immeasurable.“

      Karen Durand / Acorn Accounting

      “With Swizznet, our firm doesn’t have to be in the IT business – we can now focus on accounting.Our clients have instant access to their accounting system and it gives them peace of mind.And to top it off, they have an amazing technical support response team.“

      Elizabeth Mance / Accountability Services, LLC